Cloud Native Architecture

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Autonomous cloud scalability for
Autonomous Digital Enterprise

We can help in designing the architecture of system as a set of microservices which can be deployed on a serverless way either using containers or lambda.

What is Cloud Native Architecture

Applications designed and developed to exists in cloud are called cloud native. When you are architecting a cloud native application, you are not bound by the limitations of hardware. You have hardware available as a service which can be provision and scale on demand. You have endless possibilities to design systems which can auto scale, fault tolerant and reliable.

Cloud Native Solutions

You can build you cloud native solution from existing PaaS and SaaS Services provided by cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. Which not only helps in Time to Market (delivering value faster to customer) but very cost effective as well. In cloud you pay for only what you use and if you are starting small you do not have to provision too many resources. As you scale and grow your business and customers your application usage increases, and it scales automatically. Other than having cost-effective and scalable, it is very reliable and low in maintenance. You do not manage most of the services and get the updates automatically.

What We can Do


    • Five Pillars Of Our Approach 
      • Cost-Effective
      • Secure
      • Auto Scalable
      • Fault Tolerant / Highly Available
      • Reliable
    • Architecting a new cloud native Solution
    • Hybrid cloud planning, architecture and management
    • Cloud Security & Privacy
      • Network Security
      • Application Security, Data Security
      • Identity Management, Privacy
    • Building and Deploying
      • Infrastructure as Code
      • Tools like Terraform, CF Template
      • Serverless, Micro Services, Function as Code
    • DevOps Services
      • CI/CD, Jenkins
      • Docker containers
      • Serverless deployments – Kubernetes, ECS, Lambda
    • Monitoring Services
      • Status and Monitoring Dashboard
      • Setup and captures Metrics
        • Infra – CPU, Memory, Network, Disk
        • Services – Down, UP, Response time
      • Alerts – Email, SMS, integrate to messaging platforms like Slack
      • Performance Monitoring
      • Incidents Monitoring
      • Monitoring tools
        • CloudWatch
        • Nagios
    • SysOps Services
      • Provisioning and Managing EC2 Service
      • RDS Management
      • Managing Storage Services
    • Cost Optimization
      • Capacity Planning
      • Scale on Demand
      • Reserved Pricing, Saving Plans, Spot instances

CLOUD BUILDERS is your Cloud Native Architecture partner

We architect, migrate, and validate each application in your infrastructure to accelerate your cloud migration and achieve scale.