About Us

We offer affordable cloud computing for SMEs

Cloud Builders is fast making its mark as a reliable solutions provider for SMEs in cloud computing. We have worked for several SMEs and have scripted technological and business success for their operations. We are an AWS select partner. Our mission is to create exceptional value for our customers.

After working for over a decade as cloud architects and developers, we have become not only experts in this technology but are also fascinated with its benefits. In 2020, the Cloud Builders team saw great potential in leveraging this prevalent technology to boost efficiencies and revenues in the SME sector. Cloud Builders envisions a time in the future where every SME will use the cloud for seamless teamwork, consistent quality, more profits and maximum efficiency. 

The Force driving the Cloud Builders Success Story

We have a team of professionals with a deep understanding of contemporary cloud technologies. They use current cloud technologies to help you fulfil both your immediate and long-term business objectives. Our team members specialize in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Cloud Security, Cloud Native Development, Cloud Migration, Optimization Services, FinOps, Cloud DevOps and Training. Most important, they are customer friendly and are trained to understand your needs first.

Sudhir Singh

Co-Founder and CEO
A Tech Evangelist and software developer with more than 20 years of experience, Sudhir Singh can leverage the cloud to boost your business efficiency and growth. He comes with the needed technological and business acumen to leverage the latest cloud technologies to simplify your operations and eliminate any technical roadblocks to your success. He has rich experience in developing cloud native applications, Cloud DevOps and building secure, cost-effective cloud solutions.

Murali Krishna

Co-Founder and COO
As a proven cloud professional, Murali Krishna comes with expertise from his 15+ years of experience in cloud technology to address both tactical and strategic technological challenges SMEs face. He is adept in creating secure and cost-effective cloud solutions for SMEs. His areas of expertise include Architecting, Designing, Developing and Delivering Software Products. For more than a decade, he has been working on Cloud, DevOps and designing Cloud Native Applications while Securing and Monitoring cloud operations.

Ramesh Pasupuleti

Without a secure, high-performance cloud platform, any cloud solution would fail in the short or long term. Ramesh Pasupuleti is a skilled Cloud Architect with over 13 years of experience in designing, implementing and securing cloud infrastructure. He has a proven track record of delivering software products based on Azure Cloud and DevOps technologies.

Secure, Reliable cloud services are within your reach, with Cloud Builders. Now, you can rely on a trusted partner to deliver what you actually need, within budget.