Migration Assesment

A Complete Cloud Migration Assessment is Vital for Your Business Success

The cloud is fast becoming the norm for companies. But any migration option has to be well thought. Lift-and-Shift operations work in only some scenarios. Cloud Builders offers low-cost assessment services, so you remain risk free.

Where are you in your cloud journey?

We create a Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) for your business. Also, we evaluate which cloud options are the most relevant for you and are likely to generate a good ROI in the short term. Then, we create a roadmap which identifies and deals with any risk that you may face in your cloud journey. We are an excellent partner in your cloud journey to ensure you get the best out of your cloud investment.

Functional and business assessment

We assess the performance of your current IT assets and whether they are creating good value for your business. Also, we evaluate whether your IT assets are helping you achieve your business objectives. At the end of this evaluation, we present a high-level map of the new cloud functionality and what it can do for you business.

Technical Assessment

We assess your present IT architecture, along with its benefits and disadvantages. We examine your IT assets and identify those that can be migrated to the cloud for a healthy return on your investment.

Migration Summary

This report will give you a clear understanding of how the proposed migration will be carried out. We will give you details of schedule, effort, resources and budgets involved in the proposed migration. This summary will help you choose cloud migration options that you are comfortable with.

Cloud Builders offers cloud migration assessment services that help SMEs adopt cloud services that are reliable, safe, efficient and budget friendly.

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