Security at Speed - Integrating Assurance into Innovation

Cloudbuilders’ DevSecOps service integrates security principles with your development and operations from the outset, embedding security checks and balances throughout the CI/CD pipeline, GitOps workflows, and across DataOps and MLOps practices. Our comprehensive approach encompasses everything from Planning and Code Analysis to Release Management and Shift Left practices, ensuring that security is a core part of the development process, not just a final hurdle. By incorporating Static Code Analysis and Container Security, we ensure that your applications are not only robust and efficient but also secure from the ground up. Embrace Cloudbuilders’ DevSecOps services to build faster, deploy with confidence, and protect your applications in a world where digital threats are constantly evolving.

Bridging Speed and Security - The DevSecOps Paradigm

Our DevSecOps services redefine the development process, integrating security measures from the planning stage through deployment, ensuring your projects are secure, compliant, and efficient.


Implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines that incorporate security practices at each stage, enhancing automation and ensuring secure code deployments.


Utilize GitOps for operational and infrastructure management, applying the same source control principles to infrastructure as code, ensuring consistency and security.


Enhance the security and efficiency of your data pipelines with DataOps, integrating security into your data management practices to protect sensitive information.


Integrate security into your machine learning lifecycle with MLOps, ensuring that your AI models are developed, deployed, and maintained with security in mind.


Begin with security-focused planning, embedding security considerations into your project from the start to guide secure development practices.

Code Analysis

Conduct thorough code analysis to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities early in the development process, reducing risks and enhancing code quality.

Release Management

Manage releases with a security-first approach, ensuring that every deployment meets strict security standards before going live.

Shift Left

Implement Shift Left practices to integrate security early in the development cycle, enabling early detection of vulnerabilities and promoting a proactive security posture.

Static Code Analysis

Utilize static code analysis tools to systematically examine code for security flaws without executing it, improving code security and compliance.

Container Security

Ensure the security of your containerized applications with comprehensive container security practices, protecting your infrastructure from threats.

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