Cloud Cost Optimization

Using a cloud services have many advantages and one of them is scale or grow infinitely. Having ability to create resources like server, database, etc. quickly sometime increase the operational…

Prometheus: The angel-eyes watching your Kubernetes Cluster

Prometheus: The angel-eyes watching your Kubernetes Cluster Context Once the Kubernetes cluster is set up and your application is up and running, we move on to the part where we…

How to implement Security in Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure has many benefits like on-demand scalability, flexibility, cost saving, etc. but security is always been a concerns because of public, shared, multi tenants model of cloud. We believe…

Achieving Compliance as Code Using Cloud Custodian

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How we effectively deployed a php web application on EKS

When Kubernetes made its foray as an open-source tool for container orchestration in the year 2014, its meteoric rise was unprecedented. This was a time when Containerization had just become…

Monitoring your AWS Cloud infrastructure with Prometheus and Grafana

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations manage their IT infrastructure. With the benefits of scalability, reliability and cost savings, more and more organizations are moving their systems to the…